Mask necklace made with 3D printer

7 Dec 2020

In these days when masks are indispensable, We made a mask necklace using 3D printing technology.

Layers of filaments are piled up to form a loop and are connected. When they are assembled, it becomes a chain.

When you are not using a mask, it is convenient to hang it around your neck, hook on a wall, or a doorknob.

  • No needs support and assemble.
  • It is a design that is different from the string necklaces that are commonly used in the surroundings and is only possible with 3D printing.
  • Print and use any color you like, and gift it to your friend.

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  • You can use hooks on both ends of the mask strap.
  • The quality may vary depending on the printer settings or filament type. Please refer to the product description for detailed setting values.
  • First, check your print bed leveling and use PLA+ as much as possible.

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Stay tuned. Keep waiting for the next ideas.

Thank you.