Is IKEA TERTIAL light too bright?

30 Nov 2020

Among the lights sold by IKEA, TERTIAL is often used as a work or interior lights.

However, one thing that was lacking is that the light is too bright because there is no light diffuser.

So, we roll out a complete add-on for Tertial.

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  • This diffuser is installed in IKEA product (TERTIAL).
  • It makes to reduce the dazzle.

 None   |   White filament   |   Yellow filament

  • You can change the lighting color according to the filament color.
  • Download and 3D print it as you want color.

  • It goes well with any color of TERTIAL.
  • Designed to be easy to attach and detach.
  • 3D printing is possible without support.

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Stay tuned. Keep waiting for the next ideas.

Thank you.